Differences between EUC, Hoverboard, Segway, Electric Scooter and Hoverboard with Handlebar

Electric Unicycles, Hoverboards, Segways, and Electric Scooter are all-electric vehicles that are becoming more and more popular because of their convenience and eye-catching designs.

In particular, an electric unicycle is different from other types because you need a lot of skills to balance and move on EUC.

Be careful not to confuse the hoverboard with the flying skate, or with the hoverboard, don’t let yourself be misled. Seriously, obviously, the hoverboard has nothing to do with a flying skate, the hoverboard of its kind is a unique device, a real transport accelerator, that’s what a Hoverboard is. 

We often hear the terms confused, electric scooter, segway, and hoverboard are all different things. The hoverboard as we have already said, is a popular self-balancing electric scooter in the world.


EUC – Electric Unicycle

Electric Unicycles

Electric Unicycles

Electric unicycle, gyroscopic electric monowheel, electric wheel… call it what you prefer, it is an emerging phenomenon, and we see it every day on the streets.

It is a large wheel on which you stand, balanced on pedals, driven by a small electric motor.

Electric unicycles are made up of a motor connected to the wheel, a battery, and a gyroscope which controls the motor so that the wheel always tends to return to its equilibrium point.

If the driver leans forwards or backward, the wheel follows immediately to remain perfectly under the driver. It’s up to you not to fall sideways! I know it sounds like a complex, acrobat thing but it’s surprisingly easy.

Many personal transport solutions with electric traction have been emerging lately. We cannot know which vehicle will ultimately be the most used and which will come out on top, but the electric monowheel could have excellent potential. You can move three times faster than on foot, it’s compact and highly maneuverable.

EUC – Electric unicycle cost

The price of the electric unicycle can be counted among the advantages of the monowheel. These vehicles, in fact, have a cost that is found in a fairly contained price range, which fluctuates on average between 300 USD for the cheapest models up to around 1,200 USD for the more advanced and performing ones.

To make a decision on which model to buy, obviously, you need to evaluate your needs, based on the type of use of the vehicle, taking into account the length of the journeys and the type of route you have to face.




The Segway unlike the hoverboard is a real means of transport, with electric traction the Segway is a means of transport recognized by the Italian legal system as such.

The Segway is an intelligent scooter, able, thanks to an electronic and computer combination, to perform certain maneuvers automatically.

The Segway is not so widespread but has in any case been the subject of real media attention of a certain value, just think that the Post Office and the Police have adopted some specimens.

Segways cost

Probably the real limit of the Segway is its cost, some models can reach 4,000/5,000 euros. However, it is possible to find more affordable models for everyone thanks to the fantastic Amazon offers relating to the Segway.

Electric scooter

Electric scooter

Electric scooter

Here, be careful now not to confuse it with the Segway, the electric scooter is a scooter that uses electrical mechanisms, but it is not the same as the Segway, so to speak.

The electric scooter has the shape of a classic scooter and is equipped with an electric motor that transforms it into one of the cheapest and certainly the most ecological means of transport available on the road.

Attention the Electric Scooter like the Hoverboard cannot circulate on the road, it is therefore only used for travel in private areas.

Electric scooter cost

The cost of the electric scooter thanks to Amazon offers is however reduced, it is possible to find excellent models for 300/400 euros, moreover, the electric scooter is a very light vehicle, weighing about 30kg, and can even reach 40km/h.

Hoverboard and Hoverboard with Handlebar



The hoverboard looks like an electric skateboard, in fact, it is not, the hoverboard is a real device with absolutely well-defined characteristics.

Hoverboards Prices

The prices of hoverboards fluctuate between 200 and 600 euros. Which hoverboard to buy? We recommend comparing the more reliable ones on the battery side and the simpler and more comfortable ones to drive to avoid nasty surprises.

Hoverboard with Handlebar

Attention also to the legendary Hoverboard with Handlebar, a type of device that has recently been depopulating among the youngest.

It is a hoverboard where above the table there is a telescopic bar that acts as a handlebar, which is also useful for stability in driving the vehicle.

The Hoverboard with Handlebar has characteristics similar to those of the classic hoverboard: lithium batteries and engine power that allow the device to reach an average speed of 12 – 15km.

Wrapping Up

Thus, we have understood the difference between EUC Electric Unicycles, Hoverboard, Segway, Electric Scooter, and Hoverboard with Handlebar.

You will need to carefully research your needs and financial capabilities before deciding what type of vehicle to buy for future use. In particular, with electric unicycles, you should consider training to ride on a unicycle before ordering.

If you have further questions, please comment below. Thanks for reading!