What Are Pros And Cons Of Electric Unicycles? 7 Benefits Of An Electric Unicycle

Electric vehicles have become much more common in urban areas, with electric bikes and scooters frequently coming into play.

On the other hand, electric unicycles (EUCs) are a less popular but no less practical kind of electric transportation.

What are they? EUCs are self-balancing, one-wheeled personal vehicles because of gyro-stabilization to maintain the rider’s balance.

These unicycles are faster and more straightforward to drive since they use a battery to propel forward motion.

Do you plan to get a EUC? Before investing money in this equipment, you should consider its benefits and downsides.

So, what are the pros and cons of electric unicycles? This article will cover everything you want to know about this unique bike. Let’s scroll down!


Pros Of Electric Unicycle Is Better Than Other Types Of Transport

Electric unicycles bring numerous benefits to the rider’s health and the environment. That’s why more and more people invest in these vehicles.

If you want to get a EUC but wonder: Why should I buy this thing, the following advantages will help you make up your mind.

#1. It Solves Traffic Congestion.

The electric unicycle is designed to address the traffic problems you often encounter in large cities.

An electricity unicycle can help you avoid traffic and parking issues while saving time.

Moreover, you may unwind and enjoy pacifying through congested roads on these modern electric unicycles.

A standard EUC can travel 20 kilometers if fully charged and has an average speed of 16 kilometers per hour.

Undoubtedly, using an electric unicycle as a means of transport has become increasingly popular.

Solve traffic congestion

Solve traffic congestion

#2. It Is An Environmentally Friendly Transport.

EUCs have an almost minimal environmental effect because they are electric and run on rechargeable batteries.

Also, because EUCs are mass-manufactured and have a small number of pieces, their production uses few amount of energy.

E-unicycles are a fantastic option for green transportation because big cities are becoming much more congested with polluting vehicles.

Additionally, you do not need to replace your EUCs for a couple of years, so they are unlikely a disposable buy.

#3. It Is Affordable.

E-unicycles are an affordable mode of transportation if not to mention the initial investment of the wheel and equipment.

You don’t need to worry about increasing fuel costs because all EUCs utilize rechargeable batteries and can swiftly recharge them.

With a EUC, you are exempt from paying road taxes, congestion fees, and license requirements. Also, insurance is very affordable.

E-unicycles are an affordable mode of transportation

E-unicycles are an affordable mode of transportation

#4. It Requires Low Maintenance.

As shared above, E-unicycles include a small number of essential components and moving parts, meaning it’s reliable equipment and hard to malfunction.

Even if you have never ridden this unicycle, you can maintain it only with little technical knowledge.

It would be best to keep the wheel clean to prevent grit from entering the mechanism. After using it, wiping it down quickly is enough.

To avoid the wheel running out of electricity, keep it recharged to about 80% of its maximum capacity, increasing the battery’s shelf life.

#5. Riding a EUC Has Many Health Benefits.

While using an E-unicycle for an hour burns fewer calories than strenuous workouts, it still brings various health benefits.

While traveling, riding EUCs focuses on core strength because you lean a lot from your belly, abdominal, and core muscles.

The heart rate will increase if you use a EUC. And when you bike, overall lower-leg endurance will increase.

Make riders healthy

Make riders healthy

#6. It Is Portable.

These unicycles also take up less space. It is ideal for traveling because it is made to be lightweight and compact.

You may even take it with you to your workplace or to picnics. You may even fit it comfortably in your car’s trunk thanks to the exceptional management arrangement.

#7. It Suits All Age Groups.

There is no age restriction on electric unicycles. Everyone feels comfortable and free to ride these vehicles.

User requirements for electric unicycles depend on weight standards, which may vary between models and brands.

Suit all ages

Suit all ages

Cons Of Electric Unicycle

The advantages of eclectic unicycles are undeniable, but you must consider potential drawbacks once you’ve become a rider.

Everything has two sides, so don’t get yourself stressed. Let’s take a closer look at these downsides and possible solutions!

#1. It May Be Illegal In Some Countries.

Surprisingly, riding EUCs may be illegal on public streets in some countries in the world, like the UK.

In these regions, you can only use your electric unicycle on private lands with the landowners’ permission.

The government’s nationwide rental program for electric scooters does not now include EUCs. Thus, you rarely see an E-unicycle on the streets in Britain.

Related: Riding electric unicycles is not against the law in many US states

It may be illegal.

It may be illegal.

#2. There Are Some Potential Safety Issues.

As we know, electricity unicycles are fast. Of course, that’s not always the case.

If moving at 10 miles per hour is more your style, they can accommodate that speed.

However, there is a concern when using some E-unicycles that can travel more than 50 miles per hour.

#3. You Can’t Bring It On An Airplane.

You cannot now carry your electric unicycle on an airplane because of the size of its batteries.

Furthermore, several EUCs with greater power might be bulky. You may have to decide against taking anything on/off a train if it doesn’t include built-in handles. Carefully consider your purchase of a EUC.

Choose a lightweight bike with trolley handles if you intend to travel overseas, where most nations welcome micro-mobility.

The solution is to rent a EUC when you arrive. There are more and more dealers that provide this service. Also, you can rent the necessary gear.

Alternatively, you can contact the EUC organizations at your location via social media to inquire about renting this vehicle.

You can't bring on airplanes.

You can’t bring on airplanes.

#4. Batteries Of E-unicycle May Run Out.

You should take this issue into account because rechargeable batteries power all E-unicycles.

Thankfully, all these vehicles come with charge indicators. These built-in features will show you when you need to charge them.

#5. You Can’t Use It In Some Weather Conditions.

EUCs are an excellent means of transportation if it’s a nice day. They also work well in light showers or rain.

However, you should adjust your pace appropriately and plan your route, especially if there are significant hills in your way.

Using these vehicles in wet conditions is not a good idea. The water may enter your unicycle and damage its motherboard.

Also, traveling on wet roads is challenging due to less grip and increased risks.

Riding is challenging in harsh weather.

Riding is challenging in harsh weather.

Is It Dangerous To Ride Motorized Unicycles Than Other Electric?

If you are a beginner, you may wonder whether EUCs are more dangerous than other electric vehicles like E-scooters.

Electric scooters may be classified as safe and stable vehicles thanks to their handlebars and design, which greatly facilitate maneuvering.

Nevertheless, you must maintain balance by leaning forward or backward to decelerate or accelerate while using your E-unicycle.

Although the technical specifications of EUCs are identical to other electric vehicles, they demand better skill and focus when driving.

E-unicycles don’t include handlebars and great stability. Therefore, compared to electric scooters, they are more dangerous. You may lose balance and fall.

EUCs may cause several accidents and injuries for the rider themselves, pedestrians, and many other means of transportation on the street.

The rider’s lack of attention and complacency closely correlate with the risk of driving a EUC.

In other words, if you pay special attention to the people surrounding you and the road, you may not suffer unwanted safety issues.

According to the news many years ago, these vehicles may catch fire. However, this problem only happens to the cheapest versions.

Some lesser-known and unreliable manufacturers used defective batteries to lower E-unicycle costs.

For this reason, you should only use well-known companies that make excellent-quality batteries.

Moreover, when it comes to EUCs and electric scooters, the safety and the user’s riding experience are related.

The electric scooters’ large chassis, two wheels, and handlebars provide secure and steady riding.

You must concentrate more on the electric vehicle you’re riding to avoid unexpected changes or irregularities on the path.

The electric scooter has several advantages, though, especially the increased control it offers and its more sophisticated braking mechanism.

Due to the complicated braking mechanism, you must make more effort and pay special attention when you brake with your E-unicycle.

Furthermore, EUCs are fast. You can flip over or crash with other vehicles if you don’t pay attention.

Besides, it isn’t easy to see the sides of you while you’re riding a unicycle. You cannot know who is driving an automobile traveling next to or behind you.

Potential risks

Potential risks when you practice electric unicycles

Electric Unicycle Safety Tips

It’s crucial to ride safely at all times, regardless of your level of competence on an electric unicycle.

Below are safety tips to follow while using these unique means of transportation to have a fun experience. Let’s see!

#1. Get The Right Gear

Although wearing safety equipment might make you appear bulky, you will eventually become accustomed to it. Use these to keep yourself safe.

No matter how skilled or attentive you are, there is always a risk that you’ll tumble off your wheel and hurt yourself.

Ensure you wear a helmet and knee pads before riding your EUC. Also, remember to check the quality of your protective equipment.

Additionally, invest in decent gloves besides knee pads and a helmet since you will use your hand first to support your body when falling.

If you are unsure what gear to get, you can watch this video:

Wear protective gear

Wear protective gear when riding your EUC

#2. Practice Regularly

Never ride your E-unicycle on the road or a street without getting lots of good practice first.

It may be challenging to shift your weight and make rapid spins. And if you haven’t learned and practiced enough, it might cause an accident.

#3. Never Ride In Bad Weather Conditions

Avoid using your E-unicycle when it’s raining or snowing since it will be harder to control. Thus, there will be a higher risk of sliding and falling.

#4. Start Slow

If you are a beginner, starting slowly and progressively picking up space as you get more accustomed to riding is advisable.

Before you’re sure you can control it, avoid doing any complicated maneuvers or moving too quickly.

Never go beyond the suggested speed limit since doing so might put you and other people at risk.

Besides, ensure you do not use your EUC uphill with a degree higher than 20 percent.

Start slow if you're beginners

Start slow if you’re beginners

#5. Ride A Electric Unicycle In Open Areas

To learn how to balance on EUCs, move in locations without obstacles and on level surfaces.

When riding, stay alert to the surroundings and watch for anything that can get in your path.

When going close to traffic, use extreme precautions to avoid accidents since drivers don’t see you.

This way, you can keep yourself and other people surrounding you safer due to potential risks when you practice.

Also, you must follow all traffic regulations when driving an E-unicycle, just as in other vehicles.

Remember that you need to share the sidewalk with pedestrians. Thus, it’s best to ride slowly as much as possible.

Passing a pedestrian requires either getting off the road or significantly reducing speed.

Additionally, it would be best to refrain from driving erratically or swerving near other vehicles or pedestrians.

By doing this, you’ll become a far more thoughtful rider and reduce the risk of accidents.

#6. Timely Maintenance

Always ensure that your electric unicycle’s components are in good condition, especially its battery.

Timely maintain your vehicle.

Timely maintain your vehicle.

The Bottom Line

This article has eventually covered the advantages and potential drawbacks of electric unicycles.

These vehicles can solve traffic congestion while they require low maintenance and come with affordable prices.

Moreover, a EUC is relatively portable, so you can easily bring it to your workplace or a party.

This environmentally friendly means of transportation can bring various health benefits while enabling users to enjoy fun riding.

However, EUCs may have some drawbacks. They may not be legal in some countries. Also, you can’t use them in harsh weather conditions or bring them on an airplane.

Compared to other electric ridings, this vehicle may be dangerous if you lose your balance or lack attention while traveling.

Think carefully before getting one! If you have further questions, please comment below. Thanks for reading!