How Do You Stop A EUC Fire? 3 Effective Ways To Prevent Fires

Before getting on your EUC (Electric Unicycle), make sure you know the possible risks. The bike catching fire is one of the biggest problems you should learn how to deal with.

Riding a EUC looks easy, and it really is. But since this vehicle has multiple electric components, you need to expect accidents, like fires, when enjoying your ride.

How do you stop a EUC fire? What causes a fire in your vehicle? Keep scrolling down, and you will learn safety tips when riding your EUC!


How Do You Stop An Electric Unicycle Fire?

When there is a fire in your EUC, you can use a fire extinguisher, baking soda, or a blanket to stop it.

Although water works well to put out most kinds of flames, you should never use it to deal with fires in your EUC. Water can conduct electricity, spreading the fire badly. So we only recommend these solutions:

A fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can help you put out the fire on your EUC quickly. However, make sure that your device can handle electrical fires.

For example, a fire extinguisher with a C rate indicates that it can deal with Class C fires, which include electrical blazes.

Baking soda

We often use baking soda for cleaning. But you will be surprised to discover that it can stop a fire. Interestingly, the powder has some similar ingredients used in a fire extinguisher.

A blanket

If the fire on your EUC is tiny, you might be able to bury it using a blanket (or lithium fire blanket) to stop the oxygen supply that the fire needs to spread.

The key is to use the blanket to cover the fire, not throw it toward the fire. Hence, this method won’t work if the fire gets bigger.

Safe ways to stop a EUC fire

Safe ways to stop a EUC fire

What Causes A Fire In Your EUC?

The electric unicycle seems safe to use, but it may catch fire sometimes due to the following reasons:

  • Physical damage: A EUC has many wires, a motor, and a battery. If you accidentally drop your vehicle, some parts will get damaged. For example, a broken battery pack may result in a short circuit and trigger a fire.
  • BMS failure: BMS (Battery Management System) regulates and reports the battery’s conditions, including overcharging and extreme heat. If the BMS stops working and doesn’t send you any notice, a fault in the battery will lead to a fire.
  • Bad batteries: Some manufacturers install low-quality batteries in their EUCs. They don’t have good safety features, making them more likely to ignite.
  • Abusive riding: Hard riding will pose a lot of stress on your bike’s electrical system, making some parts fail. If you continuously ride your EUC in this manner, it will create a fire.
  • High voltage: Although higher voltage gives you a better riding experience, it demands more features to ensure that your vehicle won’t get heated and catch fire. Without a proper design, the EUC may have a fire hazard.
  • Improper charging: Some riders use generic chargers to charge their EUCs. However, overheating a charger with the wrong current or voltage will ruin the battery. And there may be a fire then.

Is Lithium Battery In EUC Dangerous?

Yes. Although it’s rare, lithium batteries in EUCs may combust and cause severe damage while charging or using your bike.

Lithium batteries work as a power source commonly used in all kinds of devices, such as tablets, phones, and EUCs. Lithium battery fires may happen because of the high heat they emit.

A lithium battery that has overheated may start to release sparkles and smoke. As the device’s cells get more unstable over time, this phenomenon accelerates.

When this problem arises, you should take extra precautions to avoid sparks from open fires or other possible ignition sources.

Moreover, lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to fire if they have broken down or their terminals come into contact with each other.

Since lithium batteries used in EUCs are metal-based, a battery fire from such batteries may produce a lot of heat, up to 3,632°F.

However, these accidents are only common in lower-quality batteries, low-quality control, and poor electrical system design inside the EUC.

The batteries in your EUC may get heated and catch fire

The batteries in your EUC may get heated and catch fire

What Are Tips To Prevent EUC Fire, Battery Fire Failure?

Prevention is better than cure. Aside from learning how to put on fire on your EUC, bear in mind these tips to prevent it from happening:

  • Store your EUC in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep your EUC away from flammable materials, such as gas vapor.
  • Check the batteries and other electronic components in your bike regularly.
  • Replace the lithium batteries immediately if they become bloated, swollen, or flimsy and spongy compared to the new batteries.
  • Ensure that the battery terminals are free of dirt, debris, and other contaminants.
  • Ride your bike within the motor’s power needs. A high amperage consumption for an extended time might harm control boards and batteries.
  • Use smartphone applications to monitor the temperature in the EUC.
  • Don’t charge your bike for any longer than it requires.
  • Before disconnecting the plug from the electric bike, remove your charger from a power outlet to stop charging. Likewise, before plugging the charger into an outlet to charge the battery, plug it into the EUC.
  • When the temperature outdoors is higher than 72°F, never keep your EUC in an automobile with the doors shut.
Use and maintain your EUC carefully to avoid potential problems

Use and maintain your EUC carefully to avoid potential problems

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You can use a fire extinguisher, baking soda, or a blanket to stop a fire on your EUC – Electric Unicycle. There are several causes for this problem, so expect it to happen any time and prepare yourself.

Maintaining your EUC and its electrical system properly would be best to avoid the fire. You should invest in a high-quality product with better safety features.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand more about EUC fires. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to assist you.

Thank you for reading!