Do Unicycles Have Handlebars? Essential Guides For Beginners

The most common reason that discourages people from trying unicycles is the tricky learning curve. Unlike the regular bike, this one-wheel vehicle lacks handlebars, upgrading the difficulty level.

However, you may have seen some models with handlebars. Of course, they will be much easier to control. But are they unicycles?

With this in mind, you may wonder: ‘Do unicycles have handlebars?’ This article will guide you to the unicycle world. Let’s follow us to see more!


Do Unicycles Have Handlebars?

It depends on the model. Some may come with handlebars for cyclists to steer their unicycles easier, while some don’t have any handlebars.

Often, a unicycle doesn’t have handlebars, making it significantly different from regular bikes. Another difference between the two vehicles is that a unicycle only has one wheel.

Staying balanced on a unicycle is extremely challenging. To help kids and beginners get familiar with it, some manufacturers decide to attach handlebars to the structure.

Interestingly, you can customize your unicycle by giving it handlebars. This project is simple to try as you can find many of these models on the internet or at local unicycle stores. This video will help you picture how it goes:

Some unicycles still have handlebars

Some unicycles still have handlebars

Are Unicycles With Handlebars More Efficient Than Without Handlebars?

The answer is Yes. You can ride your unicycle with handlebars more efficiently than the one without them for these reasons:

  • The added handlebars allow you to position yourself and have better security on small, flat saddles.
  • Even when you release your feet from the saddles for them to relax, you still feel safe because you can lean on the handlebars.
  • You can distribute your weight on the bike more effectively as your arms will be in charge of some pressure.
  • Riding a unicycle is easier, shortening your learning curve. It means you can handle the unicycle faster with fewer risks of falls and accidents.

The most significant difference between the unicycle with handlebars and the one without them is how you make a turn. If your bike has handlebars, you won’t even need to learn them.

On the other hand, turns are a challenging, big lesson for those who want to ride a unicycle. You have to use your body, including your arms, waist, and feet, just for this simple task.

However, once you master that skill, you will find a unicycle without handlebars more convenient. Since your feet are the one part that works, you have free hands to do other things.

It is much harder to ride a unicycle without handlebars

It is much harder to ride a unicycle without handlebars

Can You Brake On A Unicycle?

Since most unicycles we can find are direct-drive bikes, they often lack brakes. Instead, they directly connect the pedals and the wheel’s axle.

Without the brakes, unicycles have a unique braking system, and this operation is simple: when you want to stop, you just need to stop pedaling.

There are also some models with disk brake systems. These components give more space for brakes to work on.

The idea behind this unicycle braking system is similar to what we have for a regular bike. It has a disk attached to the hydraulic system and a hub. The brake lever under the seat post controls this braking system.

Your unicycle stops when you stop pedaling

Your unicycle stops when you stop pedaling

Can You Wheelie On A Unicycle?

No. Although this trick is popular among bicycles, motorbikes, and motocross, it won’t work with unicycles because of the bike’ structure.

A wheelie is a type of vehicle movement used in vehicle acrobatics. By applying enough pressure to the back wheel or moving your body to the vehicle, the front wheel will lift off the ground.

With this idea, you can’t perform a wheelie on your unicycle because it only has one wheel. There is no other contact point to lean on for the wheel to lift.

However, there are other tricks you may want to try with your bike, such as hopping or twisting. Actually, learning how to ride this one-wheel bike is already a tricky task.

There are many performance tricks to try with your unicycle

There are many performance tricks to try with your unicycle

Can You Ride A Unicycle Drunk?

No, you must not ride any kind of vehicle when drunk, even if it’s a bicycle or unicycle. It’s because you are not in safe mode.

Some DUI regulations particularly prohibit cycling while drunk. The risk is obvious given the enormous groups of bikers: inebriated riders are not precisely role models for safety.

Other non-motorized vehicles, including skateboards, unicycles, and roller skates, also belong to the same kind of prohibition.

Considering how difficult it might be for someone drunk to walk, putting wheels into the scenario will cause problems.

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Unicycles may have handlebars or not. If you are a beginner, buying a model with handles will be better so you can control your bike more easily. If you can’t find such, installing handlebars for a regular unicycle may be a viable solution.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn more about unicycles. If you want to join the unicyclist community but are not ready, stick with us to be more confident. And feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

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