What Are The Types Of Unicycles? 7 Popular Unicycling Types You Should Know

It’s fun to ride a unicycle. Although it is a vehicle for street performers and circus entertainers, it’s a fantastic pastime.

It includes only one wheel attached to a seat, axle, and pedals. Several new sports have appeared thanks to the combination of this vehicle and other physical activities.

Before learning how to ride this vehicle, it’s best to get the correct version for an easier and better experience.

However, if you are a novice unicyclist, buying the most appropriate variety may be challenging since this vehicle comes with various models.

What are the types of unicycles? Let’s dig deeper into this post, explore this vehicle’s main versions, and get the best-suited!


What Was The Original Name Of A Unicycle – One-Wheel Bike?

The very first unicycle doesn’t come with the name “unicycle.” The term we know today is not the original name.

In 1869, Frederick Myers, an inventor, filed the initial patent and listed this one-wheel vehicle with the name “velocipede.”

In 1881, another inventor – Battista Scuri, backed up this vehicle patent as this term. Currently, people use the name “velocipede” to refer to vehicles propelled by humans.

However, the word “unicycle” for one-wheel bikes did not become common until people began calling them two-wheelers bicycles.

The word “unicycle” is the combination of the Latin prefix “uni,” meaning “one,” and “cycle,” derived from “kyklos” (a Greek word).

The Original Name Of A Unicycle

The Original Name Of A Unicycle: Velocipede

Where Did The First Unicycle Appear?

The origin of unicycles is still a secret. People said it appeared for the first time in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, UK.

James Bedford Elliott is supposed to be the inventor of this vehicle in the mid-eighteenth century. He wanted to find a method of traveling faster instead of walking.

He reasoned that taking a single-wheeled conveyance could be more effective than a conventional horse-drawn coach.

He constructed a seat-equipped wood framework and cycled around his property to prove his theory.

He created two models, one with a handlebar built into the framework while the other had a seat over the axle reminiscent of contemporary unicycles.

While his design was relatively unstable and slow, it made way for advanced innovations in our modern society, like the bicycle.

Unicycles are primarily used for leisure or exercise nowadays, but they still have a significant historical significance as the predecessor to the bike.

The origin of unicycles

The origin of unicycles

Common Types Of Unicycling

There are many various styles of unicycles available, and they have unique uses. The most common varieties may include the following:

  • Commuting unicycles
  • Road unicycles
  • Mountain unicycles
  • Trials unicycles
  • Cruiser unicycles
  • Giraffe unicycles
  • Freestyle unicycle

Let’s take a closer look before getting one!

Commuting Unicycles For Riding Long Distances

You can ride these unicycles on concrete surfaces such as sideways and roads. They are outstanding, with breakers and thicker tires for safety.

If you are searching for a vehicle for running errands or commuting around your neighborhood, look no further than this option.

Moreover, these designs are also ideal for individuals who love riding long distances thanks to their small cranks and large wheels.

Thus, it allows you to travel faster and further while wasting less energy than other options.

Commuting unicycle

Commuting unicycle

Road Unicycles

Like commuting models, these versions aim to cycle on solid surfaces like sideways or roads.

However, compared to the above type, these vehicles feature lighter frames and thinner tires for better speed.

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Mountain Unicycles

The primary purpose of this type is to ride off-road on dirt paths or trails.

Therefore, they boast more sturdy frames, padded seats, longer cranks, and thicker tires to resist rough terrains.

If you prefer to cycle around your town on sunny days, nothing is better than these models.

They are also great for anyone who seeks more challenges, wants a bit of exercise, or explores the surroundings.

Mountain unicycle

Mountain unicycle

Trials Unicycles

These unicycles have sturdy construction. They can jump, spin, flip, and do other movements thanks to their design.

A robust frame, handle-equipped seat, thick tire, and good pedals are all characteristics of a decent trials unicycle.

These versions are suitable for those who enjoy riding on different surfaces. They feature a sturdier design and bigger tires to withstand harsh terrains.

Cruiser Unicycles

These models are a combination of mountain unicycles and commuter ones.

They are more outstanding than other varieties, especially commuters, thanks to their thicker tires. However, they aren’t as robust as mountain unicycles.

Are you looking for a design to cycle on various surfaces? This option will be the best choice.

Giraffe Unicycles

The giraffe unicycles are made for people who like to ride tall. The rider can sit upright on them because of the handlebars and enlarged seat.

This type of unicycle is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a higher vehicle or an easier unicycle to get on/off.

You may find these options relatively scary initially, but they will be entertaining to ride.

You can freely adjust their heights to meet your requirements. When you are confident with your riding skills, opt for these vehicles.

If you are interested in this type and want to try it, you can watch the following video to get some helpful tips!

Giraffe unicycle

Giraffe unicycle

Freestyle Unicycles

These models are designed for doing stunts and tricks. They are more maneuverable thanks to a smaller wheel.

These models appear due to increasing unicycle competition. This unique design features a higher seat, a 20-inch wheel width, and smooth tires.

These vehicle options are ideal for individuals who wish to practice tricks or compete.

They are also an exciting and entertaining method to test your limits if you’re seeking more challenges.

Otherwise, you can combine them with other indoor physical activities such as hockey or basketball.

Wrapping Up

What are the types of unicycles? These vehicles are available in varieties, such as commuters, road, mountain, trails, cruiser, giraffe, or freestyle.

Each type serves a purpose. So, you should refer to the reviews and professional advice before purchasing one suitable for your requirements and preferences.

If you know other models, please comment below to share them with us. Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for taking the time to read it!

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