How To Do Tricks On A Unicycle? Tips To Practice & Upgrade Your Skills

Learning to ride a unicycle is already a challenging task. If you want to do tricks on it, there will be more things to deal with.

However, we often unicycle to perform rather than commute. Hence, the tricks are important and make unicycling exciting and entertaining.

So how to do tricks on a unicycle? You will discover pro tips from this guide.

Let’s scroll down and get ready for your next ride!


How To Do Tricks On A Unicycle?

Doing tricks is a demanding task that you can only take step by step to success. Here is how you will overcome this challenge:

Learn the basics

Of course, you must know how to ride the unicycle before performing tricks on it. The first skills to practice include riding in a straight line, turning, mounting, and dismounting.

While practicing, focus on your balance. Besides, since unicycling involves your core strength, you must work with it consistently.

Choose the tricks and practice them

There are many tricks to perform on a unicycle, each requiring different skills. If you have just started to ride your unicycle, consider these tricks:


This trick is about balancing your unicycle with your feet in the air. The instructions are as follows:

  • Ride your unicycle at a slow speed.
  • Lift one foot only off the pedal while balancing your body on the other.
  • Lift both feet off the pedals. Now, you will balance on the saddle.


In this trick, you will ride your bike and keep one foot on the ground. Here is how to do it:

  • Ride at a slow speed.
  • Lift one foot and place it on the ground.
  • Keep riding with one foot still on the paddle.

This video will show you more tricks to perform on your unicycle:

There are many tips to try with your unicycle

There are many tips to try with your unicycle

What Is The Hardest Unicycle Trick?

Once you have mastered the basic skills and tricks, you can move to the harder ones. According to experienced unicyclists, the 180 twist is one of the most difficult tricks.

This trick gives you a hard time because it requires you to spin your unicycle 180 degrees. So how to do it?

  • Ride your unicycle at a slow speed.
  • Put your dominant foot on the pedal and the other off the pedal.
  • Twist your body to one side. During the twist, your weight is on your dominant foot. You have to use your arms to stay balanced.
  • Keep twisting until you finish a 180-degree turn.
  • After the twist, place your non-dominant foot on the pedal.
  • Ride a little more to recover your balance on the bike.
  • Be ready for the next twist in the opposing direction.

Staying balanced is the key to success. Also, try to ride slowly at first and make a turn gradually. Speeding up any step will make you lose control and balance.

Some tricks are very hard to do

Some tricks are very hard to do

How Do You Slow Down On A Unicycle?

The most straightforward way to slow down your unicycle is to step on the brake if you use one of your feet. However, not all unicycles have a brake. If you use a brakeless bike, you have to slow it down with your skills.

Sit up and control the pressure on the pedals. Try to put your weight over the seat and do not tilt backward when slowing your bike.

If this method fails, you can still decelerate your unicycle by leaning to one side slightly and dragging the foot on that side down the ground. This technique will slow down the bike and maintain your balance.

How Do You Hop On A Unicycle?

Hopping or hopping upstairs is a fantastic unicycling trick. Once you know how to ride your unicycle, please follow these steps to hop on it:

  • Slow down using the tips shared above and almost come to a stop. Your non-dominant foot should be in the back while you stop, and your dominant foot must be in front.
  • With your dominant hand, bend down and grip the area underneath the seat.
  • You should now kneel because most of the hop power comes from your ankles.
  • As you stand up, use the force from your ankles to push up while pulling up on the underside of the seat using your hand.
  • Once you land, try to pedal or hop. Do not stay still because you will easily lose your balance after the hop.
Hopping on a unicycle is a challenging trick

Hopping on a unicycle is a challenging trick

Can You Do A Wheelie On A Unicycle?

Basically, no. The wheelie is a trick in which you balance on the front wheel of your bicycle while keeping the back wheel off the ground. Since a unicycle only has one wheel, you can’t perform this trick.

You can do a similar trick on your unicycle, which involves balancing it on its wheel and keeping the back end off the ground. It sounds like a wheelie, but it’s not.

In fact, some people confuse riding a unicycle with doing the wheelie trick on a regular bike because they both need you to ride on one wheel. However, they are different skills.

How Do You Stay Still On A Unicycle?

Although it seems easy, staying still on a unicycle requires a high level of coordination and balance. To practice it, please take these steps:

  • Find a flat surface because it’s easier to balance.
  • Keep one foot on the pedal and the other on the ground.
  • Choose a fixed point ahead and start it.
  • Use your core muscles to maintain your balance.
  • Extend your arms to the sides and adjust them to keep your body straight.
Tips for staying still on a unicycle

Tips for staying still on a unicycle

What Is The Easiest Unicycle To Ride?

The answer depends on factors such as your skill level and required experience. But if you are a beginner, the wheel size plays the most vital role in deciding the easiest unicycle.

Most beginners start with a 20-inch or 24-inch wheel. You should try the unicycle and choose the most appropriate one based on your leg length.

Besides, remember to check the pedals. They should have textures to promote grip and traction. You can ride the unicycle easier then.


There are many tricks to do on your unicycle. But you have to master the basic skills, including staying still, slowing down, riding in a straight line, and turning first. Then, choose your favorite tricks and practice them.

Hopefully, you will succeed in performing the tricks. It may be hard and time-consuming. Yet, the outcome will be rewarding, so don’t give up easily!