How Hard Is It To Learn Unicycle? Best Skills For Learning Unicycle

Can’t you hide your excitement when seeing someone riding a unicycle? How about trying it today? But expect your learning curve won’t be easy.

Not many people can conquer riding these unique bikes. Your journey will be full of falls, and you may feel discouraged sometimes.

So how hard is it to learn unicycle? Handling this bike is possible as long as you put in enough effort and time. Let us help you simplify your path!

How Difficult Is It To Ride A Unicycle?

It’s really hard to ride a unicycle. This bike only has one wheel so you can only lean on one point of contact. Moreover, you have to always move to stay upright on the bike.


Points of contact

A two-wheeled bike has two points of contact, making it easier for you to remain balanced. Meanwhile, if you have seen people “track standing” or experienced it yourself, you can imagine how hard it is to stay stable on a unicycle.

Constant moves

The need to constantly shift and position your feet on the bike pedals to stay upright is another aspect of riding a unicycle that new riders always struggle with.

A unicycle has its cranks linked directly to the wheel hub and its pedals connected to the cranks. Because freewheeling on your unicycle is impossible, you will fall once you stop pedaling.

Unicycling is not easy

Unicycling is not easy

How Many Can People Ride A Unicycle In The USA?

Approximately one million people in the US can ride a unicycle. 400,000 people among them use the bike for their regular commute.

Unicycles are popular in some countries, especially the USA. However, they still have a long road to becoming prevalent in some regions. For example, only 0.3% of people in Austria know how to ride a unicycle.

What Skills Do You Need To Ride A Unicycle?

Learning how to master a unicycle is a journey of accomplishing a huge set of skills. Balancing while pedaling can be a significant achievement if you are a beginner. But if you want to be a pro, you must sharpen your skills more.


You can only ride a unicycle once you know how to stay balanced. To start, find a wall to lean on and pedal slowly to move ahead. The wall should have a rail to hold on to.

Do not rush at this stage, or you will fail. You can only release your hand and go by yourself when you get familiar with the movement.

This video talks about a learning curve of a patient man. He can handle the unicycle in less than three hours. You can learn from him some tips:


This skill is crucial as it teaches how to get off your unicycle safely without damaging the bike.

You will practice how to step over your unicycle with one foot. When you land on the ground, hold the back of the saddle with your hand to prevent it from falling off.


A unicycle does not have any handlebars. So how can you make a turn? It’s about controlling your body’s movement to adjust the direction of your bike.

You can do it by stretching your arms like a plane’s wings, then swinging your upper body in the direction you intend to go in.

Next, press the inside pedal. Magically, the bike will turn. It sounds simple but requires a lot of practice until you can have smooth turns.

Master all skills to become a pro

Master all skills to become a pro

Riding A Unicycle Vs. Riding An Electric Unicycle: Which Is Harder?

Learning how to ride an electric unicycle is easier because it has modern features that simplify your work. For example:

No need to pedal

Pedals are the power source of a unicycle. You have to spend a lot of time mastering pedaling as it enables you to move, turn, and stop.

Meanwhile, an electric unicycle runs on a battery. The electric motor eliminates the need to pedal, making it simpler to control.

Self-balancing qualities

An electric unicycle has a self-balancing feature that relies on gyro-stabilizing technology. You can use your weight pressure on the bike to create an action.

For example, the electric unicycle will accelerate if you bend forward. And if you move your weight back, it can slow down and stop.

Electric unicycles are easier to learn

Electric unicycles are easier to learn

Extra Unicycle Learning Tips For Beginners

Beginners definitely find it harder to handle a unicycle. To avoid forming bad habits and wasting too much time, you should follow these tips:

Choose the right attire.

When learning how to ride a unicycle, wearing the proper attire is important. Go for loose-fitting outfits, as they allow your body to move freely. Meanwhile, avoid footwear with heels, or you will have difficulty pedaling.

Besides, bicycle safety should be your priority. Hence, always equip yourself with safety gear anytime you practice unicycling.

Use a good-quality unicycle.

A low-cost unicycle can only last for a while. So if you are serious about unicycling, look for models made from sturdy materials.

Moreover, you should spend on selecting the unicycle that fits you best. Check for the height of the seat carefully so you can pedal comfortably.

Practice in a wide area

It must be hard to start in an area with objects. You can’t pedal and stay balanced easily when keeping an eye on those obstacles.


Rider can’t succeed in one day, whereas unicycling is hard to learn. So stay calm, be patient, and never rush your progress.

Participate in a unicycle club

Having a community to share experiences and get motivation is an excellent idea. Skilled unicyclists can help you speed up your progress effectively.

Learn some tips to get started smoothly

Learn some tips to get started smoothly

Conclusion Of Article

If you want to learn how to ride a unicycle, expect it to be an arduous journey. You may get hurt too, but success will come to you if you are persistent.

Check out the tips we have shared carefully. It’s how beginners can achieve their goals in the shortest time.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Please don’t be shy to share with us about your unicycle learning experience. We are so eager to hear.

Thank you for reading!