What Are The Types of Electric Bicycles? The 8 Ones to Know

There are now many types of electric bicycles available on the market. This can be an advantage if you have a clear idea of what type of pedal-assist bike you want. However, it can also be a problem if you desire an e-bike but are unsure of which model to buy.

For many types of e-bikes, the differences are evident and easily understandable, but for some models, they may not be as clear, and you may be unsure of which direction to go. Let’s take a look at the features and intended uses of 8 types of electric bicycles, which are the most common on the market.


E-City Bike

E-City bikes are designed to cater to the needs of urban commuters and provide a convenient and comfortable riding experience. Available in models tailored for both men and women, these bikes are well-suited for a variety of purposes such as daily commuting, short trips, leisurely outings in the evening, grocery runs, and even attending work or theater engagements.

The primary focus of e-city bikes is rider comfort and convenience. They are thoughtfully designed to ensure a relaxed and upright riding position, reducing strain on the body during long rides or when navigating through city traffic. With their agility, e-city bikes allow riders to maneuver easily through congested streets, making them a practical choice for urban environments.

In addition to their comfort and agility, e-city bikes often come equipped with cargo-carrying systems to enhance their functionality. These systems can include a front basket or a rear rack, providing ample space for transporting groceries, personal belongings, or other items. Many e-city bikes are also compatible with various types of bicycle bags, further expanding their cargo-carrying capacity and practicality for daily errands.

Electric mountain Bike

Electric mountain Bike


E-MTBs, or electric mountain bikes, are specifically designed for off-road adventures and feature electric motors with pedal assist to enhance the riding experience. While the concept of an electric MTB may seem straightforward, selecting the right one involves considering several factors to ensure the optimal fit for individual preferences.

One crucial factor to consider when choosing an electric MTB is the type of suspension: Front or Full. Front suspension refers to bikes with suspension forks at the front, providing enhanced shock absorption and comfort when riding on uneven terrain. On the other hand, Full suspension bikes feature both front and rear suspensions, offering even greater control and stability on rough trails.

Another important consideration is the size of the wheels and tires. Different electric MTBs come with various wheel sizes, such as 27.5 inches or 29 inches, each offering its advantages in terms of rolling efficiency, maneuverability, and traction. Tire sizes can also vary, with wider tires providing increased traction on challenging surfaces.

The choice between carbon and aluminum frames is another factor to weigh when selecting an electric MTB. Carbon frames are lightweight and offer excellent stiffness, enhancing agility and responsiveness. Aluminum frames, on the other hand, are known for their durability and affordability, making them a popular choice for riders seeking a balance between performance and cost.

E-Folding bikes

E-Folding bike


E-Folding bikes, also known as electric folding bikes, combine the convenience of folding bikes with the added benefits of a battery and motor for pedal assistance. Folding bikes are already recognized as a distinct category within the bicycle world, and when electrified, they become a niche within a niche. However, this niche holds great appeal due to its unique advantages.

One of the notable advantages of E-Folding bikes is their agility and reasonably lightweight design, which makes them highly portable and suitable for various transportation options. They can be easily folded and carried on public transportation, stored at home, or conveniently taken into the office. This versatility allows riders to seamlessly integrate their bike into their daily routines.

In addition to their portability, E-Folding bikes offer responsive handling, enabling riders to maneuver through traffic with ease. The added pedal assistance from the electric motor enhances the bike’s performance, providing a boost of power when needed. This makes it an excellent choice for urban commuters navigating busy city streets.

Furthermore, E-Folding bikes are capable of tackling longer distances with the assistance of an electric motor. This addresses one of the traditional challenges faced by folding bikes, which may struggle with covering substantial distances efficiently. The pedal assistance ensures riders can confidently embark on lengthier rides, expanding their exploration possibilities.

E-Cargo bike

E-Cargo bike


E-Cargo bikes are a type of transportation bike equipped with pedal assistance. There are certain situations where E-Cargo bikes can present an intriguing choice.

For parents who need to transport their children within the city, E-Cargo bikes offer a practical solution. They provide a spacious cargo area capable of comfortably accommodating children and their belongings, making it convenient for trips between school and various activities. The electric pedal assistance makes it easier to navigate urban terrain and reduces the physical effort required for parents.

E-Cargo bikes are also a viable alternative for individuals who aim to reduce their reliance on cars. With their ample cargo capacity, they enable users to transport bulky and heavy items, such as groceries, without the need for a car. This not only promotes environmental sustainability but also offers a more efficient and cost-effective means of transportation.

Furthermore, E-Cargo bikes can serve the needs of businesses that involve home deliveries. Whether it’s a local courier service or a business specializing in doorstep deliveries, E-Cargo bikes provide a practical and eco-friendly option. The electric motor assists with propulsion, allowing delivery personnel to cover larger distances efficiently while avoiding traffic congestion and parking challenges.


E-Road bikes are a category of electric bicycles specifically designed for road cycling or racing. With the addition of pedal-assistance, they offer a unique and exciting experience for cyclists. While initially met with resistance from purists who championed the values of physical exertion and traditional cycling, E-Road bikes have gained significant popularity in recent times.

These bikes provide riders with the opportunity to embark on scenic and extended rides, making them an excellent choice for leisurely Sunday outings. Whether you’re seeking to explore picturesque countryside roads or challenge yourself with longer distances, E-Road bikes enable cyclists to enjoy the thrill of road cycling while benefiting from the added boost of electric assistance.

Moreover, E-Road bikes have also found a place among cyclists looking to enhance their training routines. The pedal assistance feature allows riders to optimize their workouts by adjusting the level of assistance according to their fitness goals and training requirements. This flexibility makes E-Road bikes a valuable tool for athletes and cycling enthusiasts who wish to improve their performance on the road.

They can be the right choice for enjoying beautiful and long rides on Sundays, embarking on a cycling weekend, or even for training purposes in some cases.

E-Gravel bike

E-Gravel bike


E-Gravel bikes occupy a unique space between traditional road bikes and mountain bikes (MTBs). They are essentially road bikes that are equipped to handle off-road and gravel trails, offering a versatile cycling experience. In recent years, the non-electric segment of E-Gravel bikes has witnessed substantial growth, and the demand for their electric counterparts is also steadily increasing.

The appeal of E-Gravel bikes lies in their ability to tackle diverse terrains with ease. Whether you’re navigating paved roads, venturing onto gravel paths, or exploring rugged trails, these bikes provide a smooth and enjoyable ride. They are designed with features such as wider tires, enhanced suspension, and durable frames, enabling riders to confidently conquer mixed surfaces and varying conditions.

If you find yourself torn between choosing a road bike or an MTB but are certain about wanting pedal assistance, E-Gravel bikes offer an attractive solution. With electric assistance, you can effortlessly tackle challenging inclines, extend your range, and enhance overall riding efficiency.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a fitness enthusiast, or simply enjoy the thrill of off-road exploration, E-Gravel bikes provide a versatile option that combines the speed and agility of a road bike with the capability to venture off the beaten path.

E-Trekking bikes

E-Trekking bikes


E-Trekking bikes are a versatile category of bicycles that offer a unique combination of features from city bikes, gravel bikes, and touring bikes. With their design and functionality, E-Trekking bikes cater to a wide range of cycling needs and preferences.

Drawing inspiration from city bikes, E-Trekking models prioritize rider comfort by providing a relaxed and ergonomic riding position. This ensures a pleasant experience during daily commutes or leisurely rides through the city streets. The comfortable riding position also enhances visibility and promotes a sense of safety while navigating urban environments.

Incorporating elements from gravel bikes, E-Trekking bicycles are equipped to handle off-road adventures and gravel paths. They feature sturdy frames, wider tires with enhanced traction, and reliable braking systems, allowing riders to confidently explore unpaved trails and scenic countryside routes. The versatility of E-Trekking bikes enables cyclists to venture beyond the smooth pavement and discover new cycling destinations.

Additionally, E-Trekking bikes borrow attributes from touring bikes, making them suitable for longer excursions and cycling vacations. These bikes often come with integrated storage solutions, such as racks and panniers, allowing riders to carry their gear and essentials for extended journeys.

With the assistance of electric power, riders can conquer challenging terrains, cover greater distances, and enjoy the freedom of embarking on unforgettable touring experiences.


In the world of cycling, even children can enjoy the excitement of electric bikes. Specifically designed for younger riders, e-kids bikes are predominantly modeled after mountain bikes (MTBs) and are commonly available for rent in various locations, especially in mountainous regions.

Families often opt to rent a complete set of e-bikes, enabling children to embark on adventurous journeys and conquer elevation gains that would otherwise be challenging or inaccessible with their own leg power. These rental options provide an excellent opportunity for families to bond and explore the outdoors together, fostering a love for cycling and creating lasting memories.

While e-kids bikes may not be the typical choice as the first bike to purchase for a child, it is not uncommon to encounter them on display in bike stores. Their presence showcases the expanding market for electric bikes and caters to the growing interest in this form of transportation, even among younger riders.

Although initial riding experiences are often encouraged with traditional pedal-powered bicycles, exploring an e-kids bike at a store allows children to become familiar with the concept of electric-assisted cycling, sparking curiosity and potentially shaping their future interest in cycling adventures.